AI Model

Advanced weapon against fraud

Stop fraud with AI and Machine Learning

Leveraging newly developed AI and Machine Learning models, Veri-id constantly learns and adjusts through a feedback mechanism to increase risk prediction accuracy and detect new patterns of fraud.

Reduce workload, increase efficiency

AI models are designed to analyze huge amounts of transaction data, identify patterns and anomalies that are difficult for humans to detect. With the ability to process a large amount of information quickly, Veri-id eases the burden on your personnel and reduces the need for manual reviews.

Know real customers , improve success rates

Veri-id can recognize real customers and analyze their transaction habits through device information and historical records. When a transaction is deemed low-risk, frictionless authentication can be triggered to streamline the checkout process and improve success rates.

Combine with EMV 3DS

Easily combine Veri-id into existing 3DS programs for optimal protection against fraud.

Robust backend

The backend system is designed especially for non-technical users and any users can quickly get a hang of it in no time.

Unwavering support

Alike any other HiTRUST solutions, our experts are always ready to assist you with AI & ML model designing or system upgrades.

Veri-id Risk Detection

3D Secure 2.2 Provider

For you

  • Multi-layered fraud detection to stop online attacks
  • Real-time risk strategy adjustment with AI & Machine Learning

3D Secure provider with RBA

For your team

  • Reduce workload and increase detection efficiency
  • A flexible and user-friendly management platform
  • Collaborate with others using the group users and access permission controls

3D Secure for Cardholders

For your customers

  • A streamlined and hassle-free checkout process
  • Smooth shopping experience with no false declines
  • Comprehensive account protection against online fraud attacks

AI Model

AI Model

Explore countless possibilities with HiTRUST’s patented AI and Machine Learning models to fight fraud.

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Risk Scoring

Risk Scoring

Leverage transaction insights to secure payments by rating risk levels.

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Rule Engine

Rule Engine

Employ rules-based mechanism to make safe, automated risk management.

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