Big News! HiTRUST provides you FREE Cloud Service & SDK of 3DS

August 7, 2020
Big News! HiTRUST provides you FREE Cloud Service & SDK of 3DS

We’re excited to announce the availability of “HiTRUST 3DS Cloud Service” and “HiTRUST3DSSDK” that are FREE for you and can be used for 30 days without function limitation.

To start free trial, please Contact us, and we will process as soon as possible.

HiTRUST 3DS Server Cloud Service

  • Supports 3-D Secure 2.0 and 3DS 1.0 ID authentication protocols.
  • Major card schemes include Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AE, UnionPay, and Discover.
  • Offer services to PSP, acquiring banks, and merchants.
  • Supports authentication on PCs, mobile phones (also in-app transaction authentication), and Internet browsers.
  • Products/services are approved by EMVco and Card Schemes. Customers do not need to go through additional certification process.
  • PSD2 compliance requirements are also addressed.
  • Fulfills 3DS ecological system and is compatible with SDK.

Comparison chart

Cloud On-Premises
Software / Hardware No additional servers needed. Requires setup of both servers and IDC for 3DS systems.
Deployment Simply connect, authenticate, and authorize. PCI DSS certification deployed in the cloud. Requires a longer time to construct the system and apply Product-Integration-Test with card schemes.
Certification Cloud services are certified, customer do not need to apply PCI DSS. PCI DSS certification required.
Maintenance System maintenance will be handled by HiTRUST. Maintain by customers/PSPs themselves and need to be done regularly.
Upgrade Support Compatible with the new version of 3-D Secure 2.X. System rebuilding and upgrades required.


  • Integrates authentication into checkout process.
  • Tailored solutions for PSP, acquiring banks, and merchants.
  • Multiple authentications: Frictionless/ Challenge & OOB authentication.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.

Comparison chart

3DS 2.0 3DS 1.0
Environment • PC browser • Mobile browser • App • PC browser
Risk Assessment • RBA • None
Authentication Flow • Frictionless Flow • Challenge Flow • OOB Flow • Challenge Flow
Authentication Scheme • OTP • Third-Party • Fingerprint • Facial • OTP / Static password
Message Handling • Optimized • Redirect multiple times