Hello. I’m 3DS product authentication certificate from UnionPay International.

April 1, 2020
Hello. I’m 3DS product authentication certificate from UnionPay International.

UnionPay International announced on July 14 that its UnionPay 3DS identity verification product for online payments based on the EMVCo standard would be launched to optimize the identity verification process adopted for cross-border online payment services. Nexi, the biggest payment acquirer in Italy, and other financial institutions are among the first batch of institutions to adopt the product. It will be more convenient for holders of UnionPay cards to certify that they’re using their own cards while shopping in online stores under these institutions, and will make payments safer, faster and smoother. Through cooperation with a number of financial and Internet enterprises, UnionPay International has won support for UnionPay cards from more than 20 million online merchants from over 200 countries and regions. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more consumers are getting used to purchasing goods online, instead of leaving their homes. UnionPay International is devoted to accelerating technology accumulation and to the application of Internet businesses and improving user experience and service security, while expanding the scope of online acceptance.

This time, UnionPay International has launched 3DS identity verification products for online payments. Partners can develop or seek providers accredited by UnionPay International by themselves for corresponding technological upgrades in order to improve the “intelligence” of online payment services. Transactions that pass intelligent identity verification will enter “no-password mode” according to the result of Big Data analysis, thus avoiding the jump to the identity verification page inputting verification information, and improving the payment experience. Transactions that fail to pass the intelligent identity verification will enter “challenge mode”, which can reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, such as unauthorized use of cards, by requiring the input of a message verification code for identity verification purposes. With the accumulation of consumption data, 90% of future transactions will be completed in “no-password mode”.

The 3DS identity verification product for online payments launched by UnionPay International has multiple advantages. Firstly, it has high compatibility. The product caters for online transactions based both on browsers and applications. Secondly, it has a unified standard. The product complies with the requirements of different regions and regulatory systems, which reduces the transitional cost incurred by partners. Finally, there are various verification methods. Except for dynamic passwords, which are commonly used, its combination with Token, fingerprint, face and other cutting-edge verification technologies will be adopted in future. The above advantages improve the attraction of UnionPay International in the market of online payment services and helps expand the scope of acceptance of the service. In Europe, for example, Nexi is the first institution to adopt the product in the region. It also allows thousands of online stores under Nexi to accept UnionPay cards. Several mainstream payment acquirers in Italy have expressed their willingness to accept UnionPay online payment services recently. It is expected that the coverage rate of online acceptance of UnionPay cards in the region will increase to 95%. Overseas institutions such as United Overseas Bank in Singapore, LH Bank in Thailand and Russia Union Bank have also adopted the product. A large number of financial institutions in Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries/regions have made applications. It is expected that up to 50 overseas institutions could introduce UnionPay 3DS products this year.

Beijing HiTrust Technology Co., Ltd., an international partner of UnionPay International, is the first provider in China to obtain EMV 3DS2.0 product certification from UnionPay International, as well as the UnionPay International 3DS third-party service provider. It has currently established the EMV 3DS2.0 product for a lot of commercial institutions, including state-owned banks, joint-stock commercial banks and city commercial banks at home and abroad. HiTrust will introduce an AI calculus tool which analyzes Big Data in a dynamic way. This tool is used in various scenarios encountered by banks and merchants to reduce risk and operation costs and satisfy various personal demands of users for financial services in an easy and swift manner. UnionPay International 3DS Product Authentication Certificate.

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