Rule Engine

Risk decisions made automatedly

Logical decisioning for risk management

Based on the fundamental concept of logic, the engine allows users to implement rules in different forms to leverage automated decision-making. When detecting potential fraud in a transaction, Veri-id’s rule engine prompts the decision path based on various attributes including historical transaction records and risk score.

Rule engine and flagging

Once a suspicious activity is identified, the rule will be flagged for review. As a result of the flag, Veri-id users can opt for preset automated actions to accept or deny a transaction, or proceed the case into further analysis and make decisions from there.

Enhanced security improved risk rules

Every time a flagging activity occurs, the risk manager will be notified, actions will be taken, and Veri-id does not stop there. Using a constant feedback mechanism, risk rules are improved over time when combined with AI models and Machine Learning to increase accuracy for future activity.

Combine with EMV 3DS

Easily combine Veri-id into existing 3DS programs for optimal protection against fraud.

Manage risk automatedly

Preset automated actions for your specific needs and save time on overloading manual reviews.

Data ingestion

Easily import additional transaction data into the system for machine learning training and risk rules improvement.

Veri-id Risk Detection

3D Secure 2.2 Provider

For you

  • Multi-layered fraud detection to stop online attacks
  • Real-time risk strategy adjustment with AI & Machine Learning

3D Secure provider with RBA

For your team

  • Reduce workload and increase detection efficiency
  • A flexible and user-friendly management platform
  • Collaborate with others using the group users and access permission controls

3D Secure for Cardholders

For your customers

  • A streamlined and hassle-free checkout process
  • Smooth shopping experience with no false declines
  • Comprehensive account protection against online fraud attacks

AI Model

AI Model

Explore countless possibilities with HiTRUST’s patented AI and Machine Learning models to fight fraud.

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Risk Scoring

Risk Scoring

Leverage transaction insights to secure payments by rating risk levels.

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Rule Engine

Rule Engine

Employ rules-based mechanism to make safe, automated risk management.

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