3-D Secure

Secure payment,
trust HiTRUST

As the market leader in EMV 3-D Secure, we offer innovative online card security solutions with a strong focus on experience, reliability, and convenience.

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Assessing risks,
decreasing friction

Safe and frictionless checkout processes made possible by thorough transaction insights and analysis, flexibly applicable to issuers, acquirers, and merchants.

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Passwordless login

Leveraging public key cryptography technology, HiFIDO secures your platform logins, online transactions, and eliminates the problems from passwords.

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Serve users anywhere and anytime

Innovation at the heart of your infrastructure


onpremise Solution

To meet the latest service delivery framework, we offer flexible implementation modes tailored to your needs.

Swift ignition for innovation and security

Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Easily integrate with our system via standard API for Cloud Service without the cost of hardware and labor.

Elevate customer base with streamlined payment

In 2023, HiTRUST's SaaS secured
195 +
0 M +
Total transactions scanned
200 K
Potential frauds prevented
$ 98 M
Total amount

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Secure Your Online Transactions. Payment Security Solution from HiTRUST.

In this digital era, ensuring the security of online transactions is essential. HiTRUST provides a comprehensive Payment Security Solution, designed to provide seamless experiences to your users and safeguard against payment fraud.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Security

Our payment security solutions leverage advanced technology, ensuring robust protection against fraudulent access and transactions. With significant solutions like EMV 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS) authentication, your online transactions are secured with an additional layer of surety, ensuring frictionless payment for every purchase.

Intuitive Experience for Seamless Transactions

At HiTRUST, we recognize the importance of simplicity and convenience. That is why our Payment Security Solutions are designed with a smoother experience, making it easy for both card processors and cardholders to navigate effortlessly.

Comprehensive Fraud Detection and Prevention

With the increase in online payment fraud, staying one step ahead is paramount. HiTRUST’s Payment frauds solution offer real-time fraud detection and prevention mechanisms, empowering businesses to identify and intercept potential threats before they escalate.

Trusted by Financial institutions Worldwide.

Join the ranks of businesses worldwide intrusting HiTRUST for our payment security needs. Our proven track record and commitment to innovation make us the reliable choice for institutions seeking reliable and effective online card security solutions.

Ensure the peace of mind that for your users comes with knowing your online transactions are secure.  Choose HiTRUST’s payment security solutions and safeguard your online transactions.