3-D Secure

Securing Payment Seamlessly

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Secure any payment

E-commerce and online transactions are growing, followed by opportunities for fraudulent transactions. Seamless 3D Secure is available for all of your cardholders. Besides our 3DS server, all payment options are safe with a comprehensive Access Control System (ACS).

PCI-DSS Certified

Our 3D Secure solution support card enrolment maintenance, card and payment request authentication, and cardholder notification. Getting on board with us ensures full compliance with PCI-DSS requirements.

Seamless experience

As a business, you always want to provide customers with the most secure way to pay online, but at the same time give them a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. With our 3D Secure, everything is possible!

3D Secure, ACS, 3DSS
Card schemes

Visa / Mastercard / JCB Unionpay / AE / Discover

HiTRUSTacs is widely certified by the 6 major global card schemes and the EMVCo.

3D Secure

3-D Secure 2.x ready

From 3D Secure version 2.0, a frictionless checkout flow is available without customer involvement.

Risk Management

Integrate with AI Risk Management

AI Risk Management provides a comprehensive protection for adopters and can be integrated with our 3D Secure solutions.

HiTRUST 3-D Secure

3D Secure 2.2 Provider

New in version 2.2

  • Smart Whitelisting for trusted accounts
  • Decoupled Authentication allows a grace period
  • Intuitive interface for all users

3D Secure provider with RBA

For you

  • Real-time multi-layered fraud detection system
  • Admin system to manage and monitor permissions and performance
  • Customizable risk decision models
  • Flexible implementation

3D Secure for Cardholders

For your customers

  • Quick notifications
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Frictionless checkout process


Safe & flexible, fast & stable

In recognizing the growing demand for enhanced payment security, HiTRUST offers flexible implementation modes tailored to your needs.

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Cloud Service

Beyond the physical, to the cloud

To meet the demands of global clients, our service landscape continues to evolve into a cloud services model. You can easily integrate with our system via the standard APIs without the costs of hardware and labor.

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HiTRUST - Your Trusted 3-D Secure Provider

In digital transactions, security is highly important. HiTRUST Over the years, HiTRUST has invested heavily in various research studies and analyses in the field and has become leading 3-D secure providers, offering effective solutions to safeguard online transactions. Our commitment lies in providing reliable EMV 3DS ACS (Access Control Server) solutions, ensuring seamless authentication processes.

Elevate your security experience with HiTRUST's offering of EMV 3D secure service. Our innovative solutions support merchants and consumers alike, secure transactions against fraudulent activities while maintaining user convenience.

EMV 3D Secure SaaS and On-Premises Solutions

HiTRUST brings you flexible EMV 3D Secure SaaS and on-premises solutions customized to your business demands. Our solutions ensure comprehensive protection without compromising on scalability and performance.

State of the Art Payment Security Solutions

Experience enhanced security with HiTRUST's Payment Security Solution. We engineer innovative solutions to combat evolving threats, safeguarding transactions across diverse channels and devices. Entrust our expertise to mitigate risks and foster a secure payment journey among your customers.

As the most reliant 3D secure provider, we prioritize innovation, reliability, and customer-centricity. Join us in revolutionizing payment security and embark on a journey towards safer digital transactions.