Passwordless Authentication

Simpler and stronger

3-D Secure Transaction

Passwordless Authentication solution can be implemented for card-not-present transactions, providing a secure and seamless payment journey. Users can conveniently authenticate using on-device biometric functions to confirm online purchases.

Passwordless Authentication

Online Transfer

Banking application transfers can be integrated with the FIDO standards, allowing users to digitally move money using their fingerprint, face ID, and more. A streamlined and user-oriented transfer flow ensures your users can authenticate within seconds.

Online shopping with passwordless

Passwordless Login

By eliminating passwords, your users are well protected from man-in-the-middle and phishing attacks right from the login step. All sensitive user credentials will be stored safely on the user’s device. Swiftly sign in to any account without entering any passwords.

Passwordless Authentication


Public Key Cryptography

The mechanism uses a shared public key and a private key stored on-device, enabling secure communication without exchanging secret keys.

Regulatory Compliance

FIDO certified solutions are compliant with major regulations in different regions such as GDPR, CCPA, PSD2, and much more to come in the future.

Privacy Protection

By safely storing the private key and applying E2EE, no sensitive user credentials are shared with the public server, ensuring a top-notch privacy.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

FIDO facilitates seamless integration across diverse devices for universal adoption. This ensures accessibility on desktops, smartphones, and other platforms.

Effective Operational Cost

By replacing traditional username and password systems with FIDO, businesses can save more operational cost from password resets and management.

Fast & Easy Integration

Easily integrate our FIDO solution with your system using our API/SDK kits. Our FIDO solution is offered in both On-Premise and Cloud Service modes.

40 %

more successful 3-D Secure Transactions

1 X

improvement in Sign-in Time

40 %

lower cart abandonment rate

How Does It Work?

Simple, Fast, and Safe

State-of-the-art Phishing Resistance

54% of Consumers Noticed More Sophisticated Phishing.
Passwordless. Anti-Phishing. Seamless Transactions.

Passwordless anti phishing

Protect Against Fraud Attacks

  • Man-in-the-middle Attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • Credential Stuffing
  • Account Takeover
Man-in-the-middle Attacks
Social Engineering
Credential Stuffing
Account Takeover

Legacy OTP Methods Pose Significant Security Risks

Research by Google, NYU, and UCSD reveals that in hijacking scenarios, SMS OTPs and push apps only block 76% and 90% of account takeovers and targeted attacks.

Reliant on Password

Reliant on Password

Susceptible to hackers using Generative AI to enhance brute-force attacking models.

Unverified Device

Unverified Device

Without device binding, fraudsters can easily access accounts from unrecognized devices.

Vulnerable to Fraud

Vulnerable to Fraud

SIM Swap, SS7 Attacks, MITM, Phishing, and Push Fatigue represent key vulnerabilities in legacy OTP systems.

Disrupting Payment Flow

Disrupting Payment Flow

Users often face delays in SMS OTP delivery and may encounter limitations on cross-border SMS receipt.

Legal Compliance

Meeting regulatory requirements with FIDO

When implementing FIDO, your users are provided with a secure, convenient experience, while your business stays compliant.

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FIDO Integration

Integrating FIDO with your current system

System integration with FIDO, with our guidance, is fast and easy. Explore we can help you onboard passwordless authentication.

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Cost Effectiveness

Achieving Cost Effectiveness with FIDO

Bid goodbye to the unnecessary costs of legacy systems, which are not that safe. Adopt FIDO today to streamline your operations and services.

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Enhance security and user experience with passwordless authentication, effectively mitigating potential phishing risks.

Welcome a future where passwords become obsolete. Experience a transition in security with HiTRUST’s Passwordless Authentication Solution. Our solution not only simplifies the login process but also enhances security, mitigating the risks associated with traditional password systems.

With HiTRUST’s FIDO solution, Cardholders can seamlessly approve a transaction across various platforms without extra nuisance from complex passwords. Our innovative payment fraud solution prioritizes user convenience while fortifying defence against potential threats, including payment fraud.

Embrace with us the future of security, where simplicity meets unparalleled protection. Opt for HiTRUST's passwordless authentication solution, which not only elevates user experience but also effectively combats payment fraud