HiTRUST’s Debut at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

November 20, 2023
HiTRUST’s Debut at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

In mid-November, HiTRUST took part in Singapore Fintech Festival, one of the biggest regional Fintech events as an exhibitor. During the three-day event, we were able to meet and greet with thousands of visitors, demonstrate our latest AI Risk Detection and FIDO Passwordless Authentication solution on-site.

With strong support from FinTechSpace Taiwan, HiTRUST was honored to join the event as one of the exhibitors in Taiwan Pavilion. As an active member of the association, we frequently participated in FinTechSpace’s events, though this was the first time we took the leap to join an international event that has opened up many new opportunities.

HiTRUST and fellow members of FinTechSpace Taiwan

About Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF)

SFF is a renowned event gathering thousands of leaders, experts, enthusiasts, and innovators in not only the fintech industry, but also public policy to speak, exhibit, and share their captivating stories with the world. Held annually, SFF attracts on average 60,000 attendees from all over the world with its impressive scale, a prestigious speakers list, packed agenda, and creative side activities for visitors that are new to finance technology.

The event included some key announcements from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on the country’s most recent achievements in instant payments, on-going projects to deliver a more seamless financial transaction flow for users, and cross-border payment linkage collaborations with Malaysia and Indonesia. There were also updates shared on the city-state’s works on digital money, tokenization, and green fintech.

HiTRUST at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

Packed with our luggage this time to Singapore is a brand-new, user-centric demo site showcasing our star solution Veri-id AI Risk Detection, in combination with global standard solution EMV 3-D Secure’s most updated Secure Payment Confirmation Specifications, and FIDO Passwordless Authentication.

HiTRUST's Booth within the Taiwan Pavilion organized and managed by FinTechSpace

Our live demo site for AI Risk Detection and Passwordless Authentication in login and 3-D Secure payment flow

A sneak-peek at our demo site (available for public demonstration soon)

Throughout the three-day journey, we have had the opportunity to welcome visitors from North America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and more. This event was also a chance for HiTRUST to re-visit great memories with our friends and partners from Mastercard, GovTech Singapore, NETS, CLPS, VinCSS, True Money, ITMX, Rintis, Jalin, and more.

Our expert introducing AI Risk Detection solution to a visitor

Our expert elaborating on how Veri-id's AI/ML is protecting payments for thousands of users

Our expert introducing payment solutions to visitors from Indonesia

On the second day, one of our experts Ms. Joy Li (Product Manager) gave her fascinating speech about the current landscape of online payment fraud in Taiwan and how to implement AI technology into securing digital login and transactions. Within her talk, Ms. Li highlighted that with the increasing threats of online fraud, it’s extremely crucial that businesses begin to place emphasis on a comprehensive fraud prevention approach to mitigate the loss and damages that they could bring.

Ms. Joy Li (Product Manager) giving her speech on Financial Fraud Trends of Taiwan and How to Implement AI to Strengthen Prevention

From Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, our team members were able to connect with industry professionals from all across globe sharing the captivating stories of how we developed our solutions to secure payments online. It was truly a great journey and without the miracles of teamwork, we never would have succeeded!

Our team painting SFF 2023 red with the color of HiTRUST